10 E-Commerce Tips and Tricks

Avoiding Debt

Today, more people are shopping online than ever before. But with this convenience comes the risk of being overcharged for items that cost less in the store, or just getting scammed altogether. BlueSnap is all about how to avoid debt when you shop e-commerce sites. We will cover 10 tips and tricks that will keep your wallet safe and your purchases free from regret!

The first thing you should do when shopping online is to only shop from major, reputable brands. This will ensure that your purchases are secure and you won’t end up with a fake or broken product in the mail.


Also, never buy an item if it doesn’t have a good return policy! Insurance companies guarantee their items for free while you’re making payments on them, but once those payments are over they don’t want anything to do with the warranty anymore. So make sure whatever e-commerce site you purchase from offers great customer service after the sale as well!

In addition to this tip, always read reviews before buying something new off of Amazon or eBay . If other people were ripped off by these sites then word spreads quickly within these communities so stay aware of scams.

The next tip is to only shop from sites that accept Paypal . This way, if anything does go wrong you have a safety net in case the seller tries to run away with your money or sends you broken items. PayPal will usually refund or give you back what was stolen in these cases and they’re pretty quick about it too!

Another great tip for staying safe when shopping online is checking out Google Shopping before clicking on any links from emails or social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter , etc.. There are many malicious ads on these websites promising discounts but end up being clickbait taking people directly to places where they get hacked instead of getting good deals at stores who actually care about their customers well-being!