Temporary Fence Types: What is the Difference?

Options For Temporary Fencing

Most people do not know that there are two types of temporary fencing. One is the chain link fence, which is great for areas where security might be an issue. The second type of temporary fence is called poly wire mesh, and it’s more commonly used in construction zones since it’s easier to install than a chain link fence. If you’re considering getting a temporary fence hire for your property, make sure to ask about the different options so you can find out what will work best for your needs! There are also temporary fences for concerts, events, and festivals.

Some other temporary fencing options include: Barriers – These are great for construction sites and events. They’re easy to install, but they can be a bit pricey

Picket Fences – This temporary fencing is often used in high traffic areas where the fence might need constant upkeep or replacement. It’s not as sturdy as other types of temporary fencing options though, so it shouldn’t be installed on busy roads with heavy traffic. Because it requires regular maintenance, this type of temporary fence isn’t typically recommended for long term use either

Temporary Fence Hire

Chain Link Temporary Fence – Chain link fences are usually the first choice when securing an area that needs some extra security. However, because these types of fences require more work to install than other alternatives do , you should only consider using them when you need security and can afford to invest the extra time and money into installing them.

Barricade Tape – This type of temporary fencing isn’t as sturdy as other options , but it’s very inexpensive, which makes it a good choice for events where you might not be able to control traffic in areas around your property that are usually used by guests or customers . Also known as “Crime Scene” tape, this type of temporary fence is one size fits all since there is no right way to install it, making it easy for anyone with almost any budget to use!

You should also consider using portable barriers if you want additional protection without spending big bucks on expensive fencing materials. These types of barriers come in several different sizes so they’re easy to transport, and they’re made out of durable plastic which makes them lightweight enough for anyone to move.