Prevent Injuries in Your Workplace: Stop Slip and Falls, Use the Ladder Properly

Stay Safe on the Job: Injury Prevention

Injuries in the workplace are a serious problem. In fact, over 3 million people suffer from injuries on the job every year. To help prevent injuries and keep your employees healthy, it is important to know what safety hazards exist in your workplace and how you can avoid them. Zone Group can rent you great equipment and teach you how to protect your workers when handling it.

One of the most common types of accidents that occur at work is slip and fall accidents, which happen when someone slips on some spilled liquid or falls down due to an uneven surface. Stop Slip and Falls by using a mat to clean up spills and by placing cones around the area to warn people of potential hazards. If your workers have to use ladders for any reason, make sure they know what safety precautions need to be taken – such as wearing gloves and making sure their foot is on the right step before moving up or down.

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Make sure everyone is wearing the right safety equipment for their job, including a hard hat and steel toe boots. This will prevent injuries from falling objects or tools!

Keep an eye out for hazards that could cause injury in the workplace – such as cords being left laying around on floors where people can trip over them. Be proactive about keeping everything safe by moving these items off of high traffic areas so no accidents occur.

Also, keep all tools and equipment in a safe place so no one falls over them or trips on them. Make sure they are locked up at night too.

If you follow these safety precautions, your workers will be much less likely to get injured on the job!